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How can I support Cites & Insights: Crawford At Large? 

Can I link directly to specific issues?

Why are issues PDF rather than HTML?

Don't you dislike PDF as a single-owner proprietary format?

Yes. But I really care about typography.

Acrobat Distller lets me use the typefaces I like and know that you'll see the same typefaces on your copy--and I didn't have to switch from TrueType to PostScript.

It's a compromise between my open-format principles and my desire to distribute this newsletter looking the way I want it to look. Life is full of compromises.

And, as should be obvious from other pages, I've compromised even more:
HTML is now available for most, but not all articles. For a discussion of that decision and what "selective" means in this case, see Cites & Insights 5:5 (Spring 2005) or Bibs & Blather from that issue.

I'd like to link to Cites & Insights from [a Weblog, a list message, a database of electronic journals, another journal, a set of links, whatever...]. Is that OK?

Be my guest, either to the home page, to specific issues, or to those articles that are available in HTML.

How will you decide how long to continue doing this (and how much effort to put into it)?

I'll base continued effort on a combination of factors:

  • Apparent readership (high enough to keep going for some time yet).
  • Feedback--letters to the editor, comments, whatever.
  • Personal enjoyment and satisfaction. While effort is certainly involved, this zine is usually fun to do.
  • Other avenues that use material that would otherwise appear here.
  • Financial situation: Whether I have income that justifies spending the time on this.

There's reason to believe that archives will be maintained indefinitely--or at least well past the shelf life of the content herein.

Are these really Frequently-Asked Questions?

Think of "FA" as "Fully-Answered."

I have another question that you didn't answer here.

Send me e-mail: username waltcrawford domain gmail.com.

Updated January 14, 2011