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Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large is a Web-based journal of libraries, policy, technology, and media.

The subtitle Crawford at Large identifies the author, editor, and publisher--Walt Crawford--and reflects the genesis of Cites & Insights, which began when I came "out of the corners": When I stopped writing "Crawford's Corner" for Library Hi Tech News and EContent magazine stopped publishing "CD-ROM Corner" because it no longer fit the changed focus of the magazine. It's also a weak attempt at humor, since I knew Cites & Insights would be larger (use more pages) than the ten-page/ten times per year "Crawford's Corner" or the four-page/six times per year "CD-ROM Corner."

What became Cites & Insights originated in my desire to provide a more up-to-date (priced) supplement to "Crawford's Corner" to those willing to pay for it. Things happened, and the end result was a replacement of "Crawford's Corner" with no direct price--which has since turned into a publication that's free as a matter of policy.

Not Just Technology

Most of "Crawford's Corner" concerned personal computing technology, and some directory entries for Cites & Insights still suggest that I focus on PC technology as it relates to libraries. That was never entirely true and has become less true over time. I've added new topics and lessened coverage of old topics as my own interests and the expressed interest of readers have changed.

The interactions of libraries, policy, technology, and media...and the people they all serve.

That's as good a description as I can provide of what's currently in Cites & Insights and likely to be there in the future.

Who I Am (and Why You Should Care)

I'm Walt Crawford. You can find out more at my home page. I was a full-time library professional (but not a professional librarian) during five decades, first at UC Berkeley, then at RLG, finally at OCLC (until September 30. 2007). I was Editorial Director for the Library Leadership Network from October 2007 through March 2010. I'm now basically retired and considering possibilities. I was active in LITA, the Library and Information Technology Association (a division of ALA) from 1978 through 2010, writing articles since 1976 (actively since 1984), writing books since 1984, and speaking since 1979 (actively from 1990 to 2004, still available).

Why should you care? I can't answer that question. I have no special authority. I disclaim "guruship" or "futurist" status. While most essays in Cites & Insights are based on what I've read and include citations as appropriate, I neither claim that you should believe me more than anyone else nor have any desire for you to take me more seriously than anyone else.

My primary aims in Cites & Insights are to point people in interesting directions and encourage them to think about certain issues. If, after thinking about them, they come to different conclusions than mine, that's as it should be. (If I've obviously overlooked issues and facts, I trust readers to let me know--and I publish reader feedback when given permission and when it's at all feasible.)

Recurring Sections

Here's a current list up to, but not after, January-February 2012 [I'll replace this with the new list in the near future]:

Other Sections (Rarely Used These Days)

Current Plans

Unclear--but, for now, irregular, possibly six to eight times per year. While I'm aiming for 16 to 30 pages each issue, my aim is notoriously faulty.


Updated March 6, 2012.